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8-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid

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A good wok

I have cooked stir fry and fried things in it and so far, I like it. Sometimes, bits of stuff get stuck on it after cooking and it is hard to clean off though. Also, I do not like that you have to use certain kinds of utensils on it and cannot use steel forks, etc.

awesome quality

Absolutely LOVE the design and quality finish of these cooking icons There is nothing as good as these. Just follow new cooking guidelines and it becomes a habit very easy. Really great results, fantastic light weight. Amazing heat retention. The best caking product after my Instant Pot.

would absolutely buy again and recommend

I feel the ceramic is the healthiest way to cook, very easy to clean/maintain, attractive

❤️ I want one of every color!

A work of art. Beautiful

I wish I could change my earlier review to 5 stars!

I had agonized over leaving a 3 star review earlier, but I did it. Now I know I should have called the company before I did that (and now I don't see a way to change my earlier 3 star rating to 5 stars, sorry Ceramcor). SO, I was promptly contacted regarding my issues of sticking and burning. I use gas and only cook on low heat (like a 1 or 2). However, I've had issues. I have now found out that using liquid oil on things like eggs isn't going to work as well as using a spray oil. On very low heat, heat pan for 3 minutes then spray on oil (evidently this is the same for metal pans). While I dislike and never use spray can anything, and coconut oil spray is very expensive, I shall try that and see if it solves the issue. I still love that I am cooking with non-toxic cookware. I hope to no longer burn /stick food. Ceramcor also guaranteed that if I see any scratching from cleaning with baking soda and a brillo pad (first scrub with both dry, then use plastic or wooden scraper to dislodge anything and then use water to finish scrubbing/rinse), that they will replace my pots. I am going to go give them a good hard scrub right now. Thank you Ceramcor for such great customer service! I apologize if I didn't see on your website the tip of spray oil, as well as the guarantee of no scratching, too. I'll believe you now. All the Best!

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11-Inch Traditions Wok with Lid

$212.49 $249.99

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Love ❤️ it!

Love my Xtrema Wok!

Love it!!!

I love this wok. My only regret is I wish I had purchased it sooner. These pans are environmentally friendly and thought to be safer than other materials (such as Teflon) because it is free from chemicals. I paid a lot of money for a top-of-the-line stainless steel skillets and I have to say that I am getting ready to donate them. Everything seems to stick in the stainless which is a real bummer. I've been using this wok for several weeks now and nothing has stuck so far. I am waiting to purchase the new 12 inch skillet it's still on pre-order. The only thing I'd like to see with the new 12 inch skillet is a lid to go with it. But in all I am very happy with my purchase

Yes I would defiantly recommend to a friend.

The skillet sticks, so I soak it for a little while and then clean in with a brush and then end up with steel wool. No worries using steel wool on this one. Cleaning for me is really easy, but if you are used to cleaning from a non-stick there is a little more elbow grease with this one!


I have used this wok repeatedly since receiving it three weels back. Food tastes absolutely delicious. I always look forward to a wok made dinner.

This wok has a nice feel to it.

I use the wok to fry up quick dinners after I come home from work. I heat it up with some oil in it and then I quick fry up onions/carrot/celery and add fake meat or tofu. I dump that into a bowl, fry up veggies quick with the remaining oil, and then mix it all together. The wok is excellent at heating up food because the sides are also offering heat. It's a nice convenient size for medium to medium-large dinners, I'd say, and it's super cute.

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11-Inch Traditions Open Wok

$169.99 $199.99

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Every cook knows that delicious food requires the right type of equipment. At Xtrema cookware, we provide a premium solution that allows you to make mouthwatering stir-fries, rice, eggs, fondue, seafood, and so much more. Our selection of ceramic skillets and woks includes a wide variety of sizes to choose from, but each product features a silicone handle that can withstand extreme temperatures and keep your hands safe while cooking in the kitchen. If your current cookware collection is need of an update, there’s nothing more versatile than high-quality ceramic. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list so you receive exclusive coupons, sales alerts, and product updates.

Ceramic woks are a must-have for making tasty mac ‘n’ cheese, frittata, pizza, casserole, and everything in between. Unlike metal and other cooking surfaces, ceramic will never leach chemicals or unwanted flavors into your food. Researchers have found that Teflon and non-stick coating that contain harmful PTFE or PFOA chemicals can cause cancer. By switching to ceramic, you can feel better about the food you serve to your family.

Ceramic woks are also easy to clean, so you can spend less time on clean-up after preparing a big meal. Ceramic has infrared cooking properties, which allows food to cook consistently and evenly while reducing your energy usage overall. Each product we offer is backed by a limited 10-year warranty against breakage resulting from thermal shock or faulty craftsmanship. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. A member of our courteous team is here to help!