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5 Ways to Include the Slow Food Movement in Family Meals

The Slow Food Movement is the perfect antidote to today's fast food drive through, high-tech, social media distracted culture. It's also a great way to reconnect with the entire family to become healthier – both physically and mentally. The basic concept of the Slow Food Movement, established in 1989, is to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us. Here are some simple but high-impact ways to introduce this movement...

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Kid-Friendly Healthy Quesadilla Bar

I don’t know what it’s like in your family, but my kids are incredibly active (one plays football for school and is a competitive cheerleader, the other is JV Captain for High School Cheer and on a Worlds Team for competitive cheer) This means they burn more calories in a single day than most people do in 2 to 3 days. Noah, my 13 year old, is at the stage of teenage boy life where if he’s awake... he’s eating... and if he’s eating he’s focusing on what he’s eating next. I try to keep foods and snacks on hand...

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Lucky Black-Eyed Peas Recipe for New Year's Day

It's almost the New Year and one of the most deeply ingrained New Year traditions in the southern food culture is having at least a bite of black-eyed peas on New Year's Day to ensure financial luck and prosperity in the new year. When you initially rinse and prep the black-eyed peas they're small, dried peas. After they've had an overnight soak they swell and are ready to prep. This represents your finances swelling in the new year. It's also believed that during the civil war the dried black-eyed peas and ham hock/salted pork wasn't "fit for human consumption" so...

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Winter Soup Recipes

Winter is officially here, and winter soup is a great way to warm up! Many people don’t know that making a winter soup recipe is actually rather simple. It just takes a little bit of prep and you will have a bowl of comfort in no time! I love eating soup year-round but having soup in the winter is my favorite! How to Make Winter Soup First thing to do when you’re following a recipe is to gather all of the ingredients and read through the entire recipe at least once. Then, as you go, reread the recipe. Usually soup recipes...

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Easy Entertaining for the Holidays with 10 Party Recipes

I love entertaining over the holidays, a.k.a. having friends and family over. From small, intimate holiday gatherings to throwing a full on party for 30 people, I use the same principles. My holiday entertaining tips are easy and straightforward!First, keep it simple. Remember, it’s all about easy entertaining for the holidays. Prepare a game plan with a menu that’s easy to execute. Don’t try to make a beef wellington if you have never made one more. Use tried and true recipes, recipes you have made before that family and friends already love...this is to keep the stress level down. Even better,...

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Healthy Hot Mulled Apple Cider with No Sugar Added

The holidays are the perfect time for gathering with family and friends. Sometimes those gatherings include enjoying warm beverages with family and friends. Holidays are also the time for nostalgic moments, sometimes of passed loved ones.  I can remember some of my favorite moments with my father during the holiday season: decorating the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving while drinking egg nog and listening to Handel’s Messiah; warm mulled Mead (apple cider for the kids); a Messiah sing at our friends’ home with local musicians a week before Christmas.  Enjoy this no sugar added, healthier Hot Mulled Apple Cider recipe. I recommend...

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What is the Safest Cookware to Use?

It can be confusing making sense of all of the claims of "safest cookware." It's well established now that traditional non-stick cookware has toxins, but many other types of cookware claim to be safe alternatives. Here at Xtrema, our mission from day one has been to create the safest cookware. We are family owned and operated, and were the first to sell completely non-toxic and safe 100% ceramic cookware. Use this guide to find the right choice for your home and family. Because Xtrema all-ceramic cookware has no metals and is thoroughly tested for safety above and beyond government standards, it...

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Green Christmas Gift Guide - Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Christmas

For those passionate about the earth and sustainability, it is possible to have a Green Christmas. As the first and original developer of non-toxic, 100% ceramic cookware, family-owned Xtrema's company is built around creating products that are both useful and green. Here is our guide to celebrating a Green Christmas. Our Green Christmas Gift Guide includes some suggestions for eco-friendly gifts. We also have detailed how to make, package and send Christmas cookies. Another great way to be green is to make your own gifts. See below for our Green Christmas Gift Guide. Few gifts can trump Christmas cookies. They...

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