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Enjoy up to 30% Off Everything Site-Wide + Extra 10% off at Checkout. Free Shipping Over $150 Promo Details.

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5 Healthful, Non-Toxic and Fun Food Crafts for Kids

Playing with food is something that kids love to do but parents tend to discourage – but it can be lots of fun to break the rules and turn your kitchen into a kid craft room. These five fun edible projects for kids let them be a little hands-on (just be sure that they’ve been washed well!) before they chow down! Popcorn Necklaces Use a blunt tipped needle and dental floss to string popcorn into a necklace. You can also add dried fruit, such as raisins or cranberries to make “gems” on your popcorn jewelry. It’s not only a tasty project, but a...

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How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Clay

Creating art and playing with clay is something that people of all ages enjoy. For many, there is something so satisfying and calming about the manipulation of clay or dough and its sensory effects. However, some of the versions of clay made in retail can contain chemicals or components that you don’t want in contact with your skin. Learning how to make your own non-toxic homemade clay allows you to control the ingredients and create a safe compound for you and your children to use. Non-Toxic Homemade Clay Recipe There are loads of different recipes you can use for homemade...

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Taco Tuesday the Healthy Way

Taco Tuesday is always a fun idea, but it can be loaded with high-fat and high-calorie ingredients that aren't so great for the body. It doesn't have to be that way to be fun and delicious! Here are some tips and recipe options to do Taco Tuesday the healthy way. Making Taco Tuesday Healthier There are many ways to improve the health of Taco Tuesday without sacrificing any flavor (and even improving the flavor!). Look for alternatives to the meat ingredients that are high in saturated, unhealthy fats. Healthier meat alternatives include ground turkey, and there are also some wonderful non-meat...

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Healthy Cookout and Picnic Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy a family cookout or picnic, but it doesn't have to mean a meal that's bad for you. Here are some good-for-you healthy cookout and picnic ideas to level up your summer. Healthy Cookout and Picnic Tips: Build your cookout around fresh vegetables and fruit first. Many fruits and vegetables can be cooked on a grill, either brushed with a healthy oil and placed directly on the grill or brushed with a healthy oil and roasted in your Xtrema Skillet. Fill your picnic basket with fresh chopped vegetables and fruit.  Fill pitchers with ice water...

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Homemade Soup Tips for Easy, Healthy Work at Home Lunches

Soup is a popular comfort food and truly is a nutritious meal that works just about any time of day. One of the best things about soup is that you can throw it together, put it on the stove to simmer on low heat, and let it cook until it’s time to eat. Making soup for lunch when working from home is a perfect way to ensure you eat a healthy lunch that almost cooks itself while you focus on what’s important. Choosing Great Soup Ingredients Soup is a perfect way to use up leftovers from the fridge or to...

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Beginner Immunity Boosting Superfood Jam

Homemade jam is so simple to make, it tastes amazing, and it's much healthier than most store-bought versions. These instructions will help you customize your jam to dramatically reduce the sugar and carbohydrate content. It also incorporates superfood and antioxidant ingredients to boost your immunity. Best of all, it's easy enough for a beginner to make! The key elements of jam are the fruit/s, a couple of must-have base ingredients, and added flavorings and sweetening ingredients. Below you'll learn how to customize your own superfood jam. 1. Pick Your Fruit/s You should build your jam around at least one superfruit. Below is...

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5 Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

Kitchen time with the kids is always a great way to get some fun, educational experiences as well as a chance to bond. But there is so much more that you can do with food to teach kids about the principles of science. Here are just a few ideas that use inexpensive ingredients that you likely already have on hand to do fun food science experiments for kids. Making Raisins in the Sun You can try this with different varieties of grapes to see the differences in color, size, and taste. Place clean, dry whole grapes on a baking sheet and...

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Tasty and Healthy Father's Day Recipes

If dad follows a healthy diet, you can still make a delicious and indulgent Father's Day meal. Here are some tasty but healthy Father's Day recipes for a delectable breakfast in bed, brunch, party appetizers or dinner. Healthy Father's Day Breakfast and Brunch Recipes Easy Breakfast Frittata Mediterranean Egg Wraps Oatmeal Casserole   Healthy Father's Day Party Recipes Cauliflower Buffalo Wings Cajun Salmon Tacos Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Healthy Father's Day Dinner Recipes Vegan Chili Zucchini Enchiladas Patrick's Turkey Burgers  

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