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This was an awesome alternative to cast iron which rusts over time and is hard to clean. Xtrema has a knack for quality and design. I enjoy using my skillet for specifically meat. I’ve learned that with the right amount if oil in the pan nothing will stick. Cleaning is an ease as everything just wipes off. A gem

Great size

This is a universal sauce pan. I use it for everything and love it!

Perfect for small portions

I use this pan for small portions of meat. Using a good amount of oil will sear your lamb/chicken perfectly without having it stick. Cleaning is a sinch. Simply wipes off. And i feel good when i use this because i believe it is great quality. I have a gas stove which means very low heat is a must for the oil will splatter. Beauitfully done

Excellent product!

I am so happy to be able to use such fine cookware. All excellent products! Who wants to eat poisen that leaches out of other cookware??

24-Ounce Oval Baking & Serving Dish

Definitely one of my favorites--I use one or more of them every day! Love the oval shape--great for baking elongated veggies, etc. Up to 4 will fit on my oven rack at the same time, so really handy for baking individual entrees, plus they keep food hot longer on the table, due to their thick high quality. I also pre-chill them in the refrig & use to serve green salads. I've collected a minimum of 2 of each color so I could mix-n-match to create various fun/festive table settings!! Great design--very versatile!

Cleaner cooking

For me this is a great size to gentle toast things like coconut, pine nuts, poach a single egg or reheat leftovers from a previous meal

Love them so much!

I have many pieces of the cookware, and now finally have matching balls. I love them. They're heavy strong, match perfectly. Very carefully and arrived all in one piece. I would love to get smaller bowls that match as well but on the website yet. Matching place would be great too.


I love it, it is so easy to use and I like knowing I am not getting toxins in the food I cook, and it is deeper than I thought and can use to cook vegetables in as well, I use it almost every night!

Cleaner cooking

Have just begun to use the pans and it made perfect hard boiled eggs with no boil over, yes with the lower temp cooking does take longer and could be forgotten but if done while active in the kitchen one does adjust to this method


Very pleased with my purchase.


I love my new skillet. Thank you for making them!

Absolutely love it!

Food tastes great and easy to use and clean.
I love that it’s non toxic!

Great pan...

I love this pan, it’s very useful for roasting large dinners in the oven but it is much bigger than my stove burner so it doesn’t cook the outside portions, just something to think of when ordering.

5.5-Quart Versa Pot

Love ❤️ it!

Love my Xtrema Wok!

4.5-Inch Traditions Skillet

Slow and stick as expected

Got them for health reasons. Food stick when pan fry but comes right off with a little soak so washing is easy. It takes a long time to bring any liquid to a boil. Having stated all that, I’d still buy them because I would put up with the inconveniences to make sure my food is healthy.

Clean Cooking

I am getting used to it as I use it more frequently love the easy clean up and almost totally non stick.


I love the tea kettle! Heats up and then stays

The mugs are beautiful, and the color red is the same as the photo on-line. I also like the weight of the mugs. I received them on time, and was given notification on my e-mail. I'm considering ordering other products from xtrema.

Great cookware

Right size, even heating, cleans up easily!

The best pots and pans

Healthy, and safe food and cook

Great pot.

This is the perfect size pot when I want to reheat some soup or stew for my husband and myself. Food taste sooo much better in Xtrema pots. We can immediately taste the diffence when a meal is cooked in any Xtrema cookware vs stainless steel cookware.

Great product

I love all Xtrema cookware I have. It is safe and heakthy and cleans up easily