It’s a one-pot wonder.

Versa Skillets move safely from stovetop to oven—to bake, broil, sear, sauté and serve.

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8-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

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10-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

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12-Inch Versa Skillet with Lid

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At Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware, we care just as much as you do about making unforgettable meals that are packed with flavorful and nutritional ingredients. That’s precisely why we sought to create healthier, more versatile cookware that can handle anything from everyday dishes to full-course dinners. We are pleased to offer an array of ceramic Versa skillets that will quickly become the only dishes you reach for or leave out on display. Unlike metal cookware, ceramic cookware does not leach any chemicals or flake off into the food you prepare. We use only all-natural, inorganic materials to handcraft our ceramic products. We offer a wide variety of skillet sizes as well as a divided dish to choose from.

Ceramic’s infrared heating properties mean that our skillets and braising pans distribute heat slowly and evenly, allowing the foods you prepare to cook from inside and outside simultaneously. As a result of ceramic cooking, you can maximize the natural flavors while increasing the nutritional value of the meals you prepare overall. Versa skillets give you the ability to slow-cook, roast, sear, stir-fry, braise, and do more than you might have thought possible. All ceramic skillets and braising pans are completely safe for use on the stovetop, in the microwave, and on the grill, because they can withstand temperatures up to 2,700°F. We are confident in the quality of our signature cookware, and we proudly provide a 10-year warranty against breakage resulting from thermal shock.

Skillets are some of the most versatile tools any home cook can own, but Versa skillets can make you the hero of the kitchen and a champion of the environment. We employ eco-friendly production practices to ensure that our signature cookware leaves very little impact on the planet. Plus, our ceramic skillets and braising pans are made without cadmium, lead, and other carcinogenic metals or PFOA and PTFE chemicals that can be harmful to your health. As if you need another reason to consider making the switch to ceramic, you can also save money, reduce energy consumption, and cut down on cleanup after every meal. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.