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Oven Mitts

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One of the trickiest parts of cooking is safely removing your pot or pan from the oven. Not all oven mitts are made the same, which is why we offer a pair of durable, superior gripping ones that you’re sure to love. Made of silicone and cotton, these mitts provide superior grip for any sized pot or pan. Say goodbye to the worry of getting the right hold. These are comfortable to wear and provide protection from heat up to 430 degrees. They also are long enough to protect your wrists and forearms, which is extremely important when trying to remove pans from the oven. Our oven mitts come in fun black and red colors and feature our logo, so you can easily match the rest of your ceramic cookware. When you’re done cooking, easily hang these up in your kitchen with their cloth hook that’s at the end of each mitt.

These are:
  • Non-toxic
  • 11-inches long by 6-inches wide
  • Silicone and 100% cotton
  • 100% recyclable and it is not toxic to aquatic life and soil organisms
  • Recommend hand washing or use the gentle cycle in the washing machine and low heat in the dryer.
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Great Purchase

We love them.


Oven Mitts

Simply the Best

These are the best, most protective oven mitts I've ever owned. They're well made and they can handle extremely hot pots and pans. They also look pretty great hanging next to my beautiful red and black Xtrema ceramic mugs.


Oven Mitts

For big hands!

I was hoping to love these, since I've been looking for grippy oven mitts for some time now. The quality was good and I love how they look, but they are so big! They were very loose on both my husband and I. We have pretty skinny hands, but long fingers (we always get size L for kitchen gloves). The width of these is the problem though, not the length.

At the widest point from side of pinky to side of thumb, my hand measures 4" wide and my husband is 4.5". The mitt measures about 6.5" wide at that dimension, and the fabric material is pretty thin so there are 2" of room in the glove. The fit is so loose that I wouldn't be able to pick anything up safely. Sadly am returning!

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Oven Mitts
Oven Mitts

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