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11-Inch Traditions Open Wok

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Veggies, chicken and rice, sweet potato stir fry, with our Xtrema 11-inch Traditions open wok, and your culinary experience has been widened. This size is perfect for whipping up some meals that the whole family will love. This is a lightweight, but durable piece, ensuring ease of use for all your cooking needs. Cooking the healthy way for your family has never been easier. With a handle that is easy to grab, you can easily move it from stove to table. With our ceramic glaze, it not only looks great, but it also is scratch-proof, so you can use a variety of foods with it.

Our Xtrema 11 inch Traditions open wok not only is made of 100% pure ceramic, making it the healthy choice without leaching dangerous metals and chemicals and it looks great too! The wok has a high-gloss ceramic glaze that is non-toxic and scratch-proof. You'll never have to worry about harmful, metals chemicals or coatings flaking into your food as you cook, and your food will taste fresh and clean, the way it's supposed to. With even heating, you don't have to worry about finding that right spot to cook and then shifting the food all over. Instead, it all cooks evenly and at the same time, making your job even easier. Prepare your dishes on the grill, in the oven or on the stove, the method is up to you. Once you're done cooking with the wok we recommend hand washing and hand drying. Now you can get ready for dessert.

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Features & Specs
Length 20"
Width 11.25"
Height 3.75"
Capacity 3 qt
Weight 5.5 lb
Healthy through and through.

Once you cook with one of our Woks, you will wonder how you ever managed without ceramic in your kitchen. Ceramic cookware is an eco-friendly alternative to metallic and other types of cooking surfaces, but that’s not all. Made from 100% pure ceramic, Xtrema® is all-natural, non-toxic, inorganic and nonreactive. From the glaze to the core, it contains no PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, coatings or dyes. Most importantly, Xtrema® cookware will never leach chemicals, metal, cadmium, lead, or change the taste of your food. From 30-minute dinner ideas to top-secret recipes that have been handed down for generations, Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware is honored to be your first choice when it comes to choosing ceramic cooking for all your future meals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great for family meals

Wonderful size for large or small family meals. Easy to care for!!

I really like it!

I use it every day and I love it so far!

Ready to Wok!

We like to stir-fry and this wok has really made a difference and the taste of everything I have cooked in it. Just wait til you discover the difference....I'm not going back!



I didn't know my veggies had been lacking in full flavor!!

Total game changer to our stir fry and veggies!! Love love love our wok! 100% worth it to have a clean and safe product... AND our food just taste better! <3 Xtrema


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11-Inch Traditions Open Wok
11-Inch Traditions Open Wok

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