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Savings Up To 30% Off on All Cookware & Accessories + Free Shipping Over $200 Promo Details.

2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle

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There’s just something about a good cup of tea. It can make any day a little better and allows you to either start your day or relax after a long one. Wouldn’t you like to elevate your tea experience? With our Xtrema 2.5-quart Swirl tea kettle, you can do just that. The problem with using metal is that the taste can leach into your water, and no one wants a metallic taste to their tea. Instead, whether you are making tea or hot water for bouillon, enjoy the pure taste of water, without any extras. With our easy-grip handle, you can easily pour the tea without burns or spills. This is a versatile, beautiful tea kettle that can be used for hot or iced tea, as it can easily switch from the stove to the fridge. The swirls in the body of the kettle really add some style to it, giving you a unique tea kettle you’re sure to love.
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Features & Specs
Width 8.5" (6.5" at bottom)
Height 9.5"
Capacity 2.5 qt
Weight 3 lbs
Healthy through and through.

Made of 100% pure ceramic, our Xtrema 2.5-quart Swirl tea kettle is versatile, non-scratch, and beautiful. Made of completely inorganic materials, you can rest assured that you are serving your family and friends in materials that won't leach harmful chemicals, metals and toxins like PFOA and lead. Instead, enjoy hot water that was also heated evenly. Handcrafted, this teapot will retain temperature far longer than other metal teapot and is easy to wash. When done, rinse by hand for easy cleanup.

Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this tea kettle! It’s beautiful, comfortable to hold and pour from, and holds heat FABULOUSLY!!! And cleaning it is a breeze!


Scorch proof, very attractive, won't burn out. Received 2 GREAT discounts. Second pot owned. Had to get second one because I broke the lid on first one and new lids would not fit. Would like to be able to get a replacement lid for first one for sentimental reasons, because my Mother gave it as a present to my wife several years ago and Mother recently passed away. Pot is in like new shape.

Rockn’ Tea Kettle!

I love my tea kettle! The design of the swirl kettle is beautiful and holds just enough liquid, not being too heavy. I bring my water just up to a boil and the handle isn’t too hot to handle. When I do boil the water I need to wear a potholder- but that’s ok.


2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle


I got the this kettle with the red lid and gave it as a gift this Christmas! My cousins love it and were happy to receive a beautiful, sleek tea pot and holds a lot of heat without so much time on fire.Thank you Ceramcor for such a novelty!

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2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle
2.5-Quart Swirl Tea Kettle

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