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Savings Up To 30% Off on All Cookware & Accessories + Free Shipping Over $200 Promo Details.

2.5-Quart Retro Tea Kettle

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Making a cup of tea has never been easier than with our Xtrema 2.5-quart Retro tea kettle. When you want a cup of tea, you want your water fast, and you want it to taste clean and fresh. Not only that, but you want it to stay hot, and be able to hold enough for a couple cups of tea. With our 2.5-quart Retro tea kettle, there will be plenty of hot water for tea, bouillon, and more, all without the taste of metal. It features an easy grip handle, so you don’t have to worry about burns or spills. Finished with a brilliant gloss finish, this will not only work fantastically, it will look beautiful all over your house. With its unique design, this looks perfect in the kitchen even when not in use.
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Features & Specs
Width 6" at top, 6.5" at bottom
Height 7"
Capacity 2.5 qt
Weight 2.64 lbs
Healthy through and through.

Made of 100% pure ceramic, our Xtrema 2.5-quart Retro tea kettle doesn’t leach harmful chemicals or toxins into your water, nor does it need extensive cleaning. The ceramic offers a versatility not seen in other teapots, allowing you to take it from stove top to fridge in a matter of minutes. Sit and take your time enjoying your tea, your leftover water will retain its heat in ceramic. When you’re done, rinse and dry with a kitchen hand towel. Ceramic is by far the healthier choice when it comes to your culinary collection, and even making a small change like this can make a big difference in your health.

Customer Reviews

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Heats Fast

I’ve never owned a tea kettle before but based on my experience with this one I’d say it definitely heats the water quickly when I want to make a few cups tea. About 5 minutes on medium low heat. I’ve never filled the kettle completely full so I’m not sure how long that takes to heat up when filled to the top.
The handle doesn’t get too hot to touch either which I like. This is something I know will last for years and years! Worth the money if you are looking for a safe and simple way to heat up water.

Tea pot

I love this teapot!! No conflicting flavors! Remember to not heat above medium and make sure handle is not over flame if on a gas stove; then handle will not be hot.

Larger than I thought, but the best kettle I’ve ever owned

The kettle is quite large, but I heat up water to frequently it works very well for me. The pouring spout isn’t perfect but minor spillage here and there truly doesn’t bother me!
Im simply thankful to have peace of mind using my Xtrema Cookware knowing that it is the healthiest material that won’t harm my health by leaching toxic chemicals into my food.

Tough but elegant

The tea kettle is such a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Once the water boils it’ll stay hot for a long time.

Great teapot!

I adore this teapot, it heats up quickly and is free from chemicals that can leach into our water. This is def a piece that will be with us forever. It’s well made! Easy to clean and keeps my water hot/warm for a long time. It’s pricey but glad I made the purchase! Slowly but surely, Xtrema is slowly talk the place of most of our cookware.

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2.5-Quart Retro Tea Kettle
2.5-Quart Retro Tea Kettle

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