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4-Piece Mixnbowl Set

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Whether you are stocking your first ever kitchen or you are a seasoned pro just looking for a few additional materials to add to your already plentiful kitchen, we have you covered. Our ceramic 4-piece Mixnbowl set is the perfect addition to any kitchen because they can be used for a variety of dishes. If you're not the greatest cook in the world, that's ok, because these bowls don't have to be used for fancy desserts. Chop up a side salad and put it in the bowl for a great way to display and provide ease of access for everyone. Or pour out a bag of chips for entertaining your guests. Our set comes with four sizes, 1 quart, 1.5 quarts, 2.5 quarts, and 4 quarts bowls, that way you never have the wrong size. The best part is that some of them can nest within one another and save you valuable cabinet space.
Each Set Includes:
1-Quart Bowl
1.5-Quart Bowl
2.5-Quart Bowl
4-Quart Bowl
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Features & Specs
Capacity 1 qt, 1.5 qt, 2.5 qt, 4 qt
Weight 10 lbs
Healthy through and through.

When you prepare food, your family’s health is always on your mind. We offer 100% green cookware so that your family stays safe and you don’t have to worry about any plastic or metal leaching into the food you prepare. These handcrafted ceramic bowls resist bacteria as well, keeping the food you cook safe and preserving its taste. The non-scratch surface also means our bowls won’t get beat up or worn over time.

Need durable bowls you can use for a variety of tasks? Buy the 4-piece Mixnbowl set and see how much time you save with bowls that can be used for prep work and for serving.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful multi functional bowls

These bowls are wonderful for mixing and serving. They require little storage space as they are stackable. They beautifully complement my Xtrema cookware that are black with red lids.

Great products!

Great product! Love these bowls. Also, really appreciate the excellent customer service. I will be purchasing more products from them in the future.


4-Piece Mixnbowl Set


Such a great set of bowls. Can’t wait to buy the pots and pans too!

Love the rainbow bakeware/serveware bowls !!!

White is not the biggest as in pic. Red is. Which is great! Packed extremely well! Paired the bowls with Charles Viancin botanical-themed silicone covers when I want a Dutch Oven effect. Planning to bake rice (!), no-knead bread, casseroles, gratin, braised or roasted meats, soups, cassoulet, and maybe cassoeula. Pretty for cold dishes too. The bowls look refreshing, and can go from oven to table, and then into the refrigerator. The Green and blue bowls are small enough to use as eating bowls too. And all 4 nest!!! Delighted with the purchase of 2 sets !!!

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4-Piece Mixnbowl Set
4-Piece Mixnbowl Set

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