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3.5-Quart Versa Pot Lid

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Cooking healthy meals that your family will love has never been easier than with our selection of ceramic cookware. At some point though, you may need a replacement piece for whatever reason. Luckily, rather than you having to search all over for it, you can instead easily order the Xtrema 3.5-quart Versa pot lid that you need, ensuring that you don’t have to search all over for the matching piece. Instead, rest assured that this will fit and match perfectly. It’ll look like you never needed a replacement cover to begin with.
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Weight 1.75 lbs
Healthy through and through.

Our Xtrema 3.5-quart Versa pot lid is the perfect choice for a variety of reasons. The first being that it is a healthy choice for your family. Ceramic doesn’t leach unwanted chemicals or toxins into your food, and instead you can rest assured knowing that we don’t use any of the non-stick coatings that have been linked to cancer. Instead, our pieces are scratch-proof thanks to our high-gloss ceramic glaze that also makes the cookware look beautiful. Not only is this the healthy choice for your family, this is the best choice for your kitchen. Highly durable, you can easily move these pieces from the fridge to the stove, without any worries.

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It is so beautifully made. I love how it looks!

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3.5-Quart Versa Pot Lid
3.5-Quart Versa Pot Lid

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