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2-Piece Cotton Pot Holder Set

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Are you tired of getting painful burns from accidentally touching a hot sauce pot or skillet? We've all been there, so the Xtrema 2-piece black cotton pot holder set will ensure you never make that mistake again.

They're durable, versatile and machine washable. They measure 6.5-inches by 7-inches and have a silicone outside designed to withstand extreme heat.


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Great pot holders

Great low profile pot holders that work well. They are my go to when taking things out of the oven in addition to the silicone potholders specifically for their cookware handles which I can use also for my large all clad pot..

love the cookware!

The stew pot and large pan are terrific. Both retain heat for a long time with the lid on, so seconds stay warm. Hope to buy more pieces in the future!

Love the product, but…….

I do love this product which is why I purchased the 10qt Dutch Oven and 12" Open Skillet as a combo sale item as I was delighted with my previous purchase. Both items have defects which I understand happens but there are points on each where the black coating has not covered the underlying product. For the price…I would expect better. I am not so sure I would purchase this item again. I would recommend but with a caveat that for the price it isn't what one would expect.

Not What I Expected

The wok is very useful for stir-frys.

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2-Piece Cotton Pot Holder Set
2-Piece Cotton Pot Holder Set

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