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3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan
3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan

3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan

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Any recipe can go wrong without one vital ingredient, but the same can be said about a home cook’s kitchen. At Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware, we understand just how critical it is to have the right cooking tools to make all your favorite dishes. Our Xtrema 3.5-quart Traditions saucepan is unparalleled in performance and timeless appeal. Each 3.5-quart Traditions saucepan features our signature ceramic construction, which contains only all-natural, inorganic materials that are healthier to prepare foods with compared to metallic cooking surfaces. Best of all, you can minimize cleanup time and total effort by choosing the Xtrema 3.5-quart Traditions saucepan. Just pop your new ceramic pan into the dishwasher or wash it by hand in under a minute!
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Features & Specs
Length 9.25" (Top Diameter) 6.5" (Bottom Diameter)
Height 8.5"
Capacity 3.5 qt
Weight 12.35 lbs
Healthy through and through.

There are many benefits to making the switch to ceramic cookware. Unlike metallic, ceramic does not leach chemicals into your food or impact the flavor of the meals you painstakingly prepare. Furthermore, our signature ceramic is able to withstand extreme temperatures and can be used with a variety of kitchen appliances. You can test your cooking skills with total confidence on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill, or even in the microwave when you use any of our ceramic pans. Every ceramic product is also backed by a limited 10-year warranty against breakage resulting from thermal shock or faulty craftsmanship. If you have any questions about the 3.5-quart Traditions saucepan, please contact us today to speak with a friendly customer service representative for further assistance.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Very beautiful

This 3.5 quart sauce pot is great . Perfect for anything even boiling pasta. Love this piece

Overall as great as I expected

I am so excited to finally have such quality cookware, and I feel so good about supporting my health and companies who care to provide the best products and service.

3.5 Wt versa pot

Not sure the cover is the wrong one or not. The cover just does not fit right. I am keeping the pot because the weight is light

Loved how it cooked, pretty disappointed by how fragile it i

I use this several times a week to make dinner for my husband and me. It cooks very well and is convenient for its stovetop/oven use. I like the size and shape of the pot as well as the look. Sadly after only TWO months a piece just fell off the rim while washing and now I'm afraid to use it. This was not an inexpensive purchase and I am gentle on my kitchen tools, so I'm feeling pretty frustrated.

I love this ceramic pot!

I have 3 of these ceramic pots: a smaller one, this medium size (this one 3.5 qt), and a large one. I use them all constantly! They're fantastic. I ditched all my Teflon/nonstick pots and pans and switched to Xtrema after much research. I love love love that now I can cook for my family with cookware that is 100% safe and non-toxic. These pots hold their heat for a long time which is great for keeping food warm in case anyone goes back for seconds And if you accidentally burn food to the bottom, usually it scrubs right out without any problem after a little soaking. The only thing to be careful with is remembering these are ceramic... not metal like most pots and pans... which means they can break or chip if you drop them or knock them against something too hard. I'm not saying they are fragile. They are very solid and well made. You just can't treat them the same exact way you treat metal pots and pans - so it just takes getting used to. Tip: I store my pots stacked with padded pot liners/dividers so they don't hit each other.

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3.5-Quart Traditions Saucepan