5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set

5-Piece Starter Set

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Shopping for a gift or hoping to complete your cookware collection at home? Xtrema Ceramic Cookware has an ideal solution for food lovers that crave versatility. Our 5-piece ceramic cookware sets come with every essential needed to prepare healthy yet tasty meals for yourself, your family, or your friends. What makes each Xtrema 5-piece Versa 100% ceramic starter cookware set different than other cookware sets is the use of pure ceramic, which is one of the oldest cooking surfaces known to man. Due to its infrared heating properties, ceramic can cook food consistently and evenly while consuming less energy overall, making ceramic cookware an eco-friendly choice.

Each Set Includes:
1.5-Quart Versa Pot with Lid
7-Inch Traditions Skillet
2-Piece Red Pot Holder Set for Versa Pots

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Weight 3.25 lbs
Healthy through and through.

Each Xtrema 3-piece 100% ceramic starter cookware set we offer includes a 1.5-quart Versa pot with a lid and a 7-inch Traditions open skillet. Xtrema cookware is designed with a non-scratch ceramic glaze, only natural materials that are environmentally safe. This revolutionary glaze will never emit gaseous or toxic odors and cannot be damaged by the use of metal cooking utensils. By choosing one of our starter sets, you benefit from low maintenance and the peace of mind provided by our limited 10-year warranties.

With the Xtrema 3-piece Versa 100% ceramic starter cookware set in your kitchen, you can cook confidently and be proud of the food you serve. Use one of our 3-piece ceramic cookware sets to store leftovers when you’re all done! If you have any questions about this starter cookware set or would like to learn more about the benefits of cooking with ceramic, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great set for beginners

This was the first set that I purchased from Xtrema. They are smaller, but I was able to adjust to cooking with them easily. I use the pots everyday and now I can’t ever use anything else. I love that it’s safe and withstands high temps. I’ve made soups , stir fries, rice dishes, herbal teas, baked goods etc. love their versatility. I am definitely a customer for life!

Does the Job

I bought this cookware because it is basically chemical free. It is beautiful and functional.

Great buy!

Just opened my box and cooked the very first meal with a new skillet and pot. Need to get bigger sizes for bigger meals. Food turned out delicious! Since I am a health coach, know a lot about toxicity. Purchased Xtrema to lower toxicity in preparing food .

love xtrema cookware

I decided to remove all metal cookware from my life. I now have 4 cooking vessels from Ceramcor. I have had them for 4 months and I love them. I love using them, I love the colour and they are fairly sturdy. I have burnt food in them and they clean up perfectly. They look as good as the day they arrives except the divided saucepan not pictured here. It has bron at the seams which I am reassured by the manufacturer is harmless and natural.
My one criticism is the price of shipping to the UK. It would be nice to see that issue resolved. I have every confidence in these pots and pans.


I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much for providing me a safe and healthy way to prepare my meals. It is a blessing.

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5-Piece Starter Set
5-Piece Starter Set

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