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10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven

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Are your favorite meals suffering from leached chemicals or unwanted flavors? Cook with confidence again by choosing the Xtrema 10-quart Versa 100% ceramic Dutch oven. With our signature ceramic construction, this cooking pot offers superior heat distribution and retention. As a result, the food you prepare will cook consistently and evenly from both the inside and outside. Plus, your meals will remain hot for longer periods of time, so you can save overall on energy usage. Each Xtrema Versa 10-quart ceramic Dutch oven is large enough to cook bone broth, hearty stews, steam side dishes, sear meat in fewer batches, and so much more. If you are concerned with where your food comes from or whether it is sustainably sourced, shouldn’t you be more selective in terms of the cookware you use to prepare dishes for your family? Make the smartest choice by switching to ceramic and choosing our Dutch oven today.

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Features & Specs
Length 13" (Top Diameter) 11.25" (Bottom Diameter)
Height 9"
Capacity 10.5 qt
Weight 12.35 lbs
Healthy through and through.

At Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware, we understand the value in versatility. That is precisely why our signature ceramic cookware is designed to go straight from the stovetop to the oven. Better yet, you can save time spent cleaning up in the kitchen by popping your new cooking pot into the dishwasher. The Xtrema 10-quart Versa 100% ceramic Dutch oven is the ultimate choice for braising meat, cooking soups, making bone broth or sauces, boiling water, frying meat, and baking bread. We make every 10-quart ceramic Dutch oven without PFOA, PTFE, and ceramic Sol-Gel chemical coatings that are harmful to your health. By choosing us as your source for ceramic cookware, you benefit from personable service and our commitment to quality. Every Xtrema Versa 10-quart ceramic Dutch oven is backed by a 10-year warranty that covers faulty workmanship or defective materials. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven
10-Quart Versa Dutch Oven

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