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2.5 QT Asiana Tea Pot with Red Cover

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Making a cup of tea has never been easier than with our Xtrema 2.5-quart Asiana tea kettle. When you want a cup of tea, you want your water fast, and you want it to taste clean and fresh. Not only that, but you want it to stay hot, and be able to hold enough for a couple cups of tea. With our 2.5-quart Asiana tea kettle, there will be plenty of hot water for tea, bouillon, and more, all without the taste of metal. It features an easy grip handle, so you don’t have to worry about burns or spills. Finished with a brilliant gloss finish, this will not only work fantastically, it will look beautiful all over your house. With its unique design, this looks perfect in the kitchen even when not in use.

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Features & Specs
Width 12" (8" at bottom)
Height 6.5"
Capacity 2.5 qt
Weight 1.42 lbs
Healthy through and through.

Made of 100% pure ceramic, our Xtrema 2.5-quart Asiana tea kettle is versatile, non-scratch, and beautiful. Made of completely inorganic materials, you can rest assured that you are serving your family and friends in materials that will not harmful chemicals, metals and toxins like PFOA and lead. Instead, enjoy hot water that was also heated evenly. Handcrafted, this teapot will retain temperature far longer than other metal teapot and is easy to wash. When done, rinse by hand for easy cleanup.

Customer Reviews

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Great product, improved design, the top was difficult to remove, now it is very easy. Thank you

"Last-but-not least" tea kettle

I purchased the Xtrema "Retro" tea kettle first & really liked it, but there were times when I needed two kettles, so chose this style for variety bc I loved the shape. Each style has its advantages--I like the pouring spout of the Asiana a tiny bit better, but the Retro may be a little easier to clean (though I can easily get my small hand inside both). Now I have a choice according to my mood, the occasion, the decor, etc., or I can use one for backup while serving guests with the other.

Love this kettle

The kettle is beautiful and works wonderfully!

New Favorite!

Absolutely loving the ceramic teapot! Much bigger than anticipated but works wonderfully. I purchased because I was worried about chemicals leaching into my water via the tea pot - now I can rest easy knowing my family is safe!

I love the pot very much -it’s the best ever!

Tea and coffee taste better, the pot is beautiful. My only comment is that it’s heavy and needs two hands to pick it up when its full, but honestly, the water is so much better I don’t mind at all. Great pot!

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2.5 QT Asiana  Tea Pot with Red Cover
2.5 QT Asiana Tea Pot with Red Cover

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