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1.25-Quart Versa Pot

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Introducing the Limited-Edition Xtrema Pure Ceramic 1.25-Quart Versa Pot. We've added this functional sauce pot to the Xtrema line of versa pots to give you another option in your kitchen. This innovative sauce pot features an all-ceramic construction with numerous benefits compared to metal cooking surfaces. Ceramic cookware never leaches chemicals or unwanted flavors into the food you prepare. With the Xtrema 1.25-Quart Versa 100% ceramic sauce pot on hand, you can cook delicious pasta sauces, soups, dressings and so much more. Best of all, ceramic pots have infrared heating properties that cook food consistently and evenly from both the inside and outside simultaneously, increasing the natural flavors of your food and the overall nutritional value of your meal. We offer three stylish cookware colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect pot to match your collection.  Don't miss your chance to add this limited-edition pot to your cookware collection today. 

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Capacity 1.25 quart
Healthy through and through.

Once you cook with one of our versa pots, you will wonder how you ever managed without ceramic in your kitchen. Ceramic cookware is an eco-friendly alternative to metallic and other types of cooking surfaces, but that’s not all. Made from 100% pure ceramic, Xtrema® is all-natural, non-toxic, inorganic and nonreactive. From the glaze to the core, it contains no PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, coatings or dyes. Most importantly, Xtrema® cookware will never leach chemicals, metal, cadmium, lead, or change the taste of your food. From 30-minute dinner ideas to top-secret recipes that have been handed down for generations, Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware is honored to be your first choice when it comes to choosing ceramic cooking for all your future meals. If you have any questions about our pure ceramic cookware, please feel free to contact us today for immediate assistance or complete our online form for additional information.

Customer Reviews

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Best Cookware Ever!

I love this company and this cookware. I have purchased several pieces (from small to large) and love them all. I've also purchased the silicone steamers for my instapot and they work great. I love that I don't feel the need to research anything on this website- I'm confident that everything is well sourced and safe for my family.

Perfect Size!

I recently ordered this item & immediately found it to be a favorite. It's the perfect size for my personal cooking needs, plus for storing & re-warming left-overs, both on top of stove or in oven when a cover is needed. Indeed it's very "Versa" (versatile) & can hold anywhere from 1 - 3 or even 4 smaller servings, depending on how high you fill it, since it is relatively deep for its diameter. Also heats up fast & retains heat well, plus is slick & easy to clean. I couldn't resist ordering a second one, especially at this great price!

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1.25-Quart Versa Pot
1.25-Quart Versa Pot

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