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Up to 25% Off Everything. Free Gift & Free Shipping Over $250. Promo Details.

5 Healthful, Non-Toxic and Fun Food Crafts for Kids

Playing with food is something that kids love to do but parents tend to discourage – but it can be lots of fun to break the rules and turn your kitchen into a kid craft room.

These five fun edible projects for kids let them be a little hands-on (just be sure that they’ve been washed well!) before they chow down!

Popcorn Necklaces

Use a blunt tipped needle and dental floss to string popcorn into a necklace. You can also add dried fruit, such as raisins or cranberries to make “gems” on your popcorn jewelry. It’s not only a tasty project, but a great small motor exercise!

Toast Art

Color milk or water with your favorite natural food colorings (turmeric works great for yellow, beet/beet juice for red or pink, blueberries blended and strained to just a liquid, spinach simmered in water and then strained down to liquid, and so on), then kids can paint a fun scene or message on a slice of bread.

Pop it in the toaster to crisp up the bread and dry the milk and you’ve got a really cute addition to breakfast or snacktime.

Pizza People

Kids can make a self portrait or silly face using any manner of pizza toppings such as cheese, olives, tomatoes and peppers on a fresh crust, pita or bagel, then bake it up for lunch or dinner.

Not only is this one of the most fun edible projects for kids, but it also is a way to help encourage them to try new veggies.

Building with Fruit

Toothpicks or wooden skewers can be used to connect grapes, cheese cubes, and other small pieces of food to create.

Build simple shapes or get really complex and make a larger building or other structure. And when you’re tired of building, you’ve got a yummy treat all ready to go.

Edible Finger Paint

Plain yogurt can be colored with natural food colorings such as beets, turmeric, berries, and other edible items that have distinct, bold colors. Use the “paints” in some beautiful artwork and then eat the rest as your afternoon snack!

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